About Tenjin Works

Since the brand's founding in 2006, we have rebuilt new products with tanned leather centered on American heritage, but at the root of it, we have transformed the commitment to "leather aging that changes beautifully the more you use it and wear it" into manufacturing. Leather brand that continues.

Tenjin Works considers aging to be products that continue to shine with age. The more you use it and get close to people, the more you will feel a unique sense of warmth.

We are serious about leather products and pursue what aging is after being used. "Old is Gold"...The journey will be inherited along with its construction.

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Tochigi leather

Japanese leather factory recognized all over the world. Now, there is a leather that has received tremendous support not only in Japan but all over the world. The leather, tanned with natural vegetable tannins, boasts an overwhelming quality, and its beautiful texture that shows over time has captivated users all over the world.

Tochigi Leather, Japan's leading tanner (leather tanning factory). We approach the secret of the world's best leather backed by history that they create.

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Introducing Tenjin Works' leather aging works. Many award-winning works of A-1GP are also posted.

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