Tenjin Works products are made with Tochigi leather, which is highly popular around the world.

What is Tochigi Leather?

Tochigi Leather is a leather factory specializing in vegetable tanning, which is rare even in Japan.

In 160 huge pit tanks, the leather is tanned slowly over time to create the finest leather. Even now, the 20 detailed work processes are often carried out without relying on machines, relying on the eyes and hands of professionals, and in the case of orders from brands and special orders, the process is even more complicated.

It is the work of a craftsman who has been protecting it for many years in pursuit of strong and soft tanned leather.

What is vegetable tanning?

The largest tanning workshop in Japan with about 160 pit tanks.

Each finely divided pit contains a plant-derived tannin solution, and the tannins are immersed in stages for about 20 days, starting with the low-concentration tannin tank and continuing to the high-concentration tank.

Because it takes time and effort and requires a vast site, it is now one of the few production methods in Japan. When tanned using this chemical-free method, the texture is fine and the tannins permeate the fibers to the core, resulting in elastic and robust leather.

Commitment to dyeing

Tochigi Leather uses a drum to color according to the customer's request. In the case of vegetable tanned tanned leather, the color easily permeates into the leather, so the drum is stopped one by one to check whether the color has settled.

After that, the silver surface is painted to emphasize the beauty of the appearance with color and luster. Even now, the reason why the paint is carefully colored with a spray gun instead of using a machine is that it is necessary not only for the beauty of the appearance but also for the durability.

Why Tenjin Works is particular about Tochigi leather

All Tenjin Works products are made from leather that has been tanned with full vegetable tannins.
Of course, Tochigi Leather is a male leather tanner who has been making full vegetable tanned leather for many years.

As a characteristic of full vegetable tanned leather, the original texture of the leather when used is beautiful, and in addition, the material itself has high plasticity and is easy to get used to. This has the appeal of appearing in aging as the individuality of the user.

The leather used at Tenjin Works is re-tanned for twice as long as normal tanning, resulting in leather that is more robust and flexible.
After that, together with Tochigi Leather, we will decide on the leather formula according to the original recipe according to the product we want to make, and proceed to commercialization.

The long-standing relationship of trust between Tenjin Works and Tochigi Leather allows us to develop original leather that matches the product, rather than using commercially available leather. The "heavy vegetable tanned leather" used for wallets and the recently developed "oiled kip leather" are unique leathers created by Tenjin Works together with Tochigi leather.

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