◻︎Brand name: Tenjin Works (English name: TENJINWORKS CO., LTD.)

◻︎Established: August 2006

◻︎ Head office location: 3-6 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

◻︎Representative: Hideto Takagi, President and CEO

◻︎Company history

2006 Established leather brand "Tenjin Works"
2008 Head office relocated (Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
2014 Company name changed to Tenjin Works Co., Ltd.
March 1, 2015 Headquarters relocation due to new store opening
2020 New brand “CLAYTY” established

Management policy

Motivation for starting a business

"Let the world recognize the splendor of natural leather made by Japan's proud domestic tanners and preserve and pass on that tradition."

Management philosophy

"Each craftsman is a creative artist, and by creating each piece with their soul, not just as a product, they play an important role as an art activity that provides customers around the world with an irreplaceable leather life. group

Business plan name

"Management of Japan made leather brand" "Manufacturing and sales of leather products"

Hideto Takagi (President and CEO / Designer)

Born in Kagawa prefecture in 1975.
He studied modeling at Musashino Art University and has won numerous awards for his paintings since he was a student. After graduating from Musashino Art University graduate school (major in painting), worked as a lecturer at a modeling class for children and adults. Encountered various modeling activities and children's sensibilities, and while expanding the range of creative activities, he was fascinated by the world of craft art and started self-study.

After that, while I was working on it, I started to stick to the material of "leather" itself, touched various leathers, searched for better quality, and came across "Tochigi leather".

Natural leather made with a traditional tanning method called "full vegetable tanning leather" made from Tochigi leather. Among them, "Tenjin Works" was launched to carefully select only the best parts and use them generously to create unique products. Leather that has been tanned with vegetable tannins for a long time and effort is extremely natural, and the beauty of its existence is enough art in itself.

Taking advantage of the good quality, we aim to produce rational design, beauty of form, and beauty of function. Please draw each work (change over time) in the time spent together with each person who holds the leather canvas. All works are not completed by the maker alone, but by being used for a long time by the hands of the users, it will be completed as a true original work. We will continue to work hard to provide the best materials and designs that we have been working with for many years.