About Tenjin Works

Every day I deal with natural materials, manipulate tools, and face my work with sincerity.
The thoughts of the creator until one work is completed. The thoughts of users who encounter and use the work.
We hope that the work created by the fusion of these two will be the only leather in the world, and that we will be able to connect with the world as an extension of the craftsmanship that puts that feeling.


Commitment to materials

Natural leather with the scent of plant tannins. The warm feeling is due to the fact that everything from the process of removing the fur from the raw hide to the tanning process is done slowly and slowly in the pitted layer using an old-fashioned recipe.
The unique feel and waist of leather created after more than a month, and the natural leather of the highest quality that is familiar with the aging of the tip. It's worth experiencing. In addition, Tenjin Works leather changes the finishing formula of the leather used according to the work. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft and supple...
From the amount of oil inside the leather to the content of tannin, we create the leather itself with tanners according to the purpose.


Thoughts of the creator

We have a lot of conversations with the leather until we decide on the finished design, make the paper pattern, trace, cut, skive the leather, sew and polish, until a single piece of work is born. Every day, each process in confronting leather is a real battle.
We make a lot of works every day, but for the users who give them to us, they are "only one work", and we have the desire to "make it with all our heart for each and every user". I can't relax.



Leather items that have been used with love for a long time will change over the years and become a one-of-a-kind item.
However, the more you use it for a long time, the more it will break.
In that case, please feel free to contact us.
We would like to see the changes for a long time even after handing over the work that we have put a lot of care into together with the user.